Summer Trip to Korea

A Cultural and Performing Arts Experience

Each summer, Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association sponsors a trip to Korea for young adults interested in learning more about their heritage.  The trip is centered on learning traditional performing arts and discovering the richness of the culture of Korea from its people, its food and its history.

The group spends two weeks at the Jindo National Gukak Center in Jeolla Namdo province of South Korea.  Here, the Korean American students are immersed in the Korean culture as they study under the direction of Korean masters on such traditional instruments as janggu, buk and gayageum.  They learn traditional Korean pieces and perform on the stage at the culmination of their two week stay at the center.

Acting as emissaries of America, they interact with other students at the center teaching English to local youth and practicing their Korean while learning about local customs.  Other activities at the center for the youth and for the adults travelling in the group include Korean language class, brush painting, calligraphy, maedeup (Korean knot tying) and visits to local sites.

In addition to studies at the Jindo National Gukak Center, the group tours various parts of the country to experience firsthand the true sense of Korean culture and its history from the Shilla Dynasty to current times.   In the Jeolla province, the group has participated in temple stay at a local Buddhist temple, visited green tea farm, bamboo farm and salt flats local beaches and native pottery studios. Then it is on to Seoul to see the juxtaposition of the old and the new in this thoroughly modern city that boasts some of the more historical and ancient palaces of the world.

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