Sounds of Korea (Korean Traditional Performance Group)

Sounds of Korea is part of the New York-based Korean Performing Arts Center (KPAC), consisting of a dance troupe, an instrumental chamber ensemble and a percussion ensemble. Korean performance art spans a wide range of styles and settings, from classical court music and theatrical masked dance, to popular story-telling songs, drama, popular narrative vocal arts, solo instrumental folk genres, as well as the percussion music and dances of farmers. Their artistic emphasis is on the subtle grace and beauty found in Korean traditional dances in which the dancers with powerful, yet delicate, gestures and movements reveal a unique aesthetic beauty.

The dance troupe was founded and developed by Sue Yeon Park at the organization’s inception in 1993, and has maintained an active performance schedule over the years. Under the direction of artistic director Sue Yeon Park, the organization has performed and hosted performances of nearly all of these forms at major concert venues in the U.S., including Lincoln Center, National Museums and national festival stages, introducing Korean music and dance to a wide array of audiences of diverse cultural backgrounds. In addition, Sounds of Korea performance troupe participates in community outreach programs, as well as cultural exhibitions.

Its members consist of professionals and individuals from the Korean community who are dedicated to promoting intercultural understanding and appreciation of Korea’s artistic heritage and history.  Sounds of Korea consists of professional performers of traditional Korean instruments and all the instrumentalists in this group are of the highest caliber, holding academic degrees in music and dance from South Korea.


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